We are an Irish company based in Cork. Many of our family members had the 4D scans which were great keepsakes. But it wasn’t until someone mentioned about being almost able to touch them that I had that eureka moment! That’s when I realised I could use my IT skills to convert it to a working 3D model.

We went through a shed load of prototypes and many hours to get it right! But we did and now we can offer it to you

You will receive, inside a box frame, a 3D model created from the 4D scan.

It is 3D printed out of nylon PA2200, which is widely regarded as the industry standard for high end 3D printing.

The printing process involves a layer of powdered nylon, which then has lasers firing upon it to fuse it together (I know, cool right?). Another layer of powder is swept on top and the lasers do their job again until there are enough layers to complete the build.

At this moment, we are offering one product, the model inside the frame.

We will be looking to start offering the dual frames, which will allow you to have a photo next to the model very soon, but at this time, we are still sourcing the right frame

It really depends on the workloads we have at the time. Generally speaking, for a standard service, we would quote you 3-4 weeks, however theoretically, it could be with you in about 2.5 weeks.

We do have an express service. This pushes your print job to the front of the queue. For this, we would aim to have it with you in a week and a half.

The cost for the express service is €30

The total price in including delivery to UK and Ireland is €169.

With express, it is €199

If you are looking to get multiple prints of the same model, then yes we can offer a better price.

However, we cannot offer this if you are looking to do several different pictures. The main reason is due to that we spend a significant amount of time in the conversion stage.

Quite simply, No!

We print the picture the from the scan. There are a number of companies out there who do this service, however, having seen them, I feel they just don’t look right. All they have managed to do is imprint the face onto a pre-cast model of a foetus.

To me, that loses the intimacy this is designed to create

I’m very sorry, but at this stage, this is not something we can offer.

A standard ultrasound defines no true features, its just a shape, so you wouldn’t know if what you have is really your child or someone elses. The 4D scan allows us to include the facial features

Extremely secure, the payment method is via Paypal, which is at the highest level of security anyway.

In terms of your data, once I receive that information, I keep all your data in offline files.

This includes the 3D model (just in case you want to buy another one in the future!)

Not at this moment, although thats not to say we wont.

It’s the natural progression for us but we have yet to reach out to any of them

Very simply, Damian@the3dbabyprinter.com

Or you can call us on +353 21 2067773